25 Years of astronomy... Transitioning to astrophotography

10" Dob   18" Dob   8" SCT   Meade 6000/130mm   Sharpstar 61EDPH II
After 25 years of enjoying visual astronomy with my family, as well as hosting educational events in the community, I am currently transitioning to astrophotography.  Without a doubt, the knowledge of the skies gained through visual astronomy has been a great benefit as I move into astrophotography.  The enjoyment gained through visual astronomy and astrophotography is what drives my curiosity into the study of the universe and beyond.  Sharing this enjoyment and hoping to spark an interest in those curious about the universe is what this site is all about.  The images I share are images created to catalog the astronomy that I have enjoyed throughout the years and not meant in any way to be a comparison of others in the field of astrophotography.  Most of the views created are imaged less than two to three hours and only exposed seconds to a few minutes per image; again, to simply catalog photographically what I enjoy visually.